Kola Nut uses in Igbo culture – Kola Nut in Igbo

Kola Nut uses in Igbo culture – Kola Nut in Igbo –We have been hearing alot about Igbo Kola Nut, what’s special it’s for this people, there are many reasons why this Kola Nut is widely admired and used in making some traditions in Igbo culture. So what is the uses of Kola Nut in Igbo culture? Basically there some of the uses of Igbo culture that’s must be practiced with Kola Nut.

There is a probably reality that’s some people across are widely known for there Kola Nut for it’s origin, just like, how it’s widely used for production of drinks and some times used basically in brewing company for production of wine and others. So now what’s is the main aim of Kola Nut in Igbo land? In there Culture ? And through there life style?

Do you know that’s going and attending a ceremonies in Igbo culture, there is solid evidence that’s you will be afford a Kola Nut in places like Delta, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi and some other Eastern parts of the country in Nigeria. We understand that’s an elder will agree once a 5 cent of the nut are blessed through incantations, this means praising the gods of the lands . Once it’s done, visitors will now receive a welcome calls.

What is the main goal of Breaking of Kola Nut in Igbo culture?

Widely, people doesn’t know that’s breaking of Kola Nut in Igbo culture or in there land ceremony aims, breaking Kola Nut is not something that people seems it’s just a normal thing, there are culture that’s is associated with breaking of Kola Nut that’s makes its so special for Eastern people of nigeria and Igbo at large.

Beneath here, you are going to probably know what Kola Nut is usually used in the past and present of Igbo land on ceremonial purposes days, occasions and during visiting and burial and others ways.

Kola Nut Uses in Igbo Culture

Do you know what’s Kola Nut is widely used in Igbo culture? Kola Nut can be used widely in Igbo land and in Eastern parts of Nigeria at large. It’s known that’s Kola Nut is used during ceremonies, festivals celebration and others.

Kola Nut Breaking in Igbo culture

The Igbo People culture that’s revolves in breaking of Kola Nut has termed one of the best around the world at large. Do you know that’s breaking of Kola Nut for instance on daily basis occasions that’s visitors came to there house or in the village. It’s understandable that’s comes with love and prayers, it’s understand that’s host present the plate of Kola Nut comes with two to up to sixteen” depending on how many people and visitors on ground.

Meanwhile, this means that’s elders within them will pray and bless the Kola Nut or someone who is highly appreciated and respected among them will take the Kola and break it, then blesess with the gods in the land.

Now for the age one has pledge he have seen the plate and he will touch the plate with his right hands, before narrating to the small ones or juniors one or probably a members, meanwhile the members will look at the plate and then host get the plate and returned from the visitors and takes one of the Kola Nut and share it’s within them among will say this Igbo language words.

onye na-enwe mmasị n’ihe ọma, bụrụ onye agọziri agọzi”
Anyone who loves good is blessed already.

However, the presenter will now appoint and breakers the Kola Nut with his hands using a Knife or something just like hands. Now the remaining Kola Nut is considered to be breaker by an aid or close relative. Lastly the visitors will now explain there role visit while some of the Kola Nut are shared among all them, with palm wine and garden egg and peanut butter or pepper soup and so much more to it.

Can Kola Nut be used in some other ways?

Yes, Kola Nut can be used in many ways, and probably it’s can be used in different places and culture traditions and people ways of life. Some of the Kola Nut uses can be used for festivals and ceremonies.

We understood that, Kola Nut can be used in festivals in such places in Eastern parts of the country especially Enugu in a place called nsukka and it’s people’s at large. Kola does not stopped there as it’s can used in other areas at Large.

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